Do they really think the new anti-priacy campaign is going to make a difference?

Is downloading wrong – sure. Would I be tempted to do it if I wanted to get hold of a DVD of say Invader Zim and all I could get is a fecking expensive copy that’s not even for my DVD region? Well lets see…

New film District 9 is currently being downloaded by around 50,000 people at any given moment. This is after it’s already been in cinemas for weeks (in most places). That’s either going to be people who would never have paid to see it/buy it. People that could not afford to go see it or just didn’t get around to it (like me). Or people that saw it/heard about it but can’t wait for the DVD release. Maybe they should consider an experiment in providing a film like that as a digital download just a week or two after releasing it – see what happens.

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