Still here

Lack of posting recently has been down to a trip the weekend before last to see my (newly single) mum and try and show her how to fend for herself after 30 odd years of marriage. Trying to show someone that avoided technology for years how to use a cash machine and mobile phone is interesting. I’m not showing her how to use the internet tho…

Now I’m off for another weeks holiday with Miss C, including a couple of nights at one of these. Ah, relaxing in the pool is going to be so nice.

Actually I’m not exactly having a week off. I’ve already sent several work emails and have been doing some data crunching. The last is more a labour of love however. I’m part of a project (kicked off last week) that is investigating the potential savings that come with the implementation of computer power management here at the university. Initial figures already suggest savings of £2000-4500 per month, depending on the month and what other figures I enter for average PC power usage and cost per KWh of electricity. Of course I’m more interested in the environmental side of those saving, especially as it seems we (the university) may have to make some rather large reductions in our carbon footprint over the next 10 years.

Is it wrong for me to like mucking about with data in Excel speadsheets so much?

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