Windows 7

Been using at home for a week now so a quick summary:

Looks pretty.

Quite a few quality of life tweaks (like being able to turn off the Windows startup sound with one tick box).

The Explorer process has been crashing on occasion although Windows simply just asked if I wanted to restart it – no harm done.

Windows Virtual PC is both better and worse then Virtual PC 2007. For example you can now compress the VHD to recover space (like you can in VMware) but drag and drop no longer works. The XP mode works quite well tho (albeit slowly on first launch).

My beloved Sygate no longer works and I can’t find a good replacement. Still, getting software to work is what I do for a living so not giving up hope just yet….

Webcam don’t work. Suspect the same of my scanner.

I wish I’d actually checked before doing the upgrade but I’m fairly sure the power consumption of 7 is lower than XP was.

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