The power management project I’m involved in at work is coming along nicely at the moment and I’m finding it good to have something to do that:

1. I’m enjoying.
2. Will have a positive impact (I’m sure all the teaching software I make available is appreciated but it doesn’t quite feel the same).

And I get to make pretty (and informative) graphs like this one.

Usage data

As you can see an awful lot of people don’t switch their computer off at night (and you’d guess that at least 50% of those that are logged in aren’t actually there or using the PC in any way). Not a huge suprise I know but seeing the actual numbers does bring it home somewhat. Also interesting to see how many more are being left on in 2009 compared to 2008. I’ve now estimated potential savings at 500,000-600,000kWh a year.

Next step is looking at possible software solutions to the problem. Turns out that whilst most of them want to “run an audit” to show us how much we can save, they’d not tell us anything we didn’t already know. One was quoting a saving of about 10x what we estimate and had a hard time believing my figures. Felt good to know all my number crunching actually paid off.

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