I’ve pretty much ignored everything going on with the climate summit at Copenhagen recently. Partly as I don’t really think it will achieve much. It might – for which I’d be pleasantly suprised – but more likely there will be lots of talk and not so much action.

The other reason is down to just how much it’s being pushed in our face by the media. It’s annoying even me with the constant assumption that climate change is happening and talk of CO2 this and carbon that. You end up with drivel like this asking if the recent floods are due to climate change. Maybe it is but you can’t definitely attribute ONE small, localised weather event to something like global warming!

Maybe it’s the recent climategate incident or maybe people are just pushing back against the onslaught of global warming news but it does seem that the ‘deniers’ are either more numerous or more vocal recently. I like reading the comments for varous articles and the overall ‘feel’ of them has changed somewhat of late to being more negative.

As I’ve said before I’m on the fence with regards to anthropogenic global warming. I’ll look at any evidence – for or against – on it’s merit. I do believe though that actions to reduce CO2 will have positive effects anyway (cleaner energy, less rainforest destruction, better use of water resources etc..). I just wish they would stop banging on about carbon as if it were the only problem….

Still, the increase in deniers displaying their ‘science’ knowledge can be quite amusing. For instance things like this found within a couple of minutes in a recent BBC HYS.

“Except that the temperature of the oceans is 4C, it never changes, only the surface temp varies. At 4C, water is at its most dense, so the level falls.

[TellingBone], Stockport

Really? I have a degree in oceanography and a PhD in ocean modelling and I didn’t know that. That means my thesis is rubbish and that there is no thermohaline circulation in the Arctic Ocean. But then there would be no seasonal sea ice melt in the Arctic and … I’ve changed my mind, it’s not me that’s rubbish!”


“All you believers try this test. Glass full to the brim of water, place an ICE cube in. Make sure the glass is dry. Place it on a DRY paper napkin on a plate, and leave it. When the ice cube has melted check to see how wet the napkin is, and see how much, if any water has gone over the glass rim. You will see the result of so called predicted sea level rises for yourselves!”

Well that’s a relief, we’ll be fine if nothing but icebergs melt then. Phew!

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