The BBC Have Your Say discussions are virtually always a pointless waste of time – I usually only read for the amusement value of how thick some people are (lots of proof here). I mean will letting Joe Public spout off make any difference to how the government tackle the recession? Do we care what people have left in taxis, whether they know their neighboughs or if football will change Africa (all examples from here). Today however, they reached a new low….

Should homosexuals face execution.

Ok, it doesn’t say that now but it did. What they hell are they expecting to get out of that? The issue is a serious one and something which is spreading.

Finishing on a lighter note, I did see the following quote in that article:

“When a man mounts another man,” raged a headline in the Standard, “the throne of God shakes.”

He must feel likes he’s riding a bucking bronco whenever he sits down in that case…

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