Sight for sore ears

For the last 5-6 years I’ve been using a pair of dirt cheap computer speakers for sound on my home PC. For the last three (ever since I mucked about connecting it up to my amp and speakers and something went wrong) the onboard sound on my PC has been knackered and only supplying sound through one speaker.

Not great but in typical fashion I was too lazy to do much about it.

So for my xmas present from me to me, I bought a new Steelseries USB soundcard (I’ve been going external for a lot of my stuff recently – like my new external DVD drive). At last I have some fairly good sound when watching movies or gaming and it makes a hell of a difference! If only my new Sennheisers would arrive, I’ll be set.

Still, until they finally get some in stock and ship them to me, I’ll make do with my trusty MX 300s.

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