Apparently Spotify is financially sustainable, more or less. That’s quite a good thing I guess as I do use it to check out things I’m considering buying. Not that I buy them from the shops generally – eBay is my friend – so the music companies still don’t get much from me. And of course it’s pretty easy to rip stuff from Spotify if you were so inclined.

What I found more interesting about the story was that Oxford uni have banned it. Makes sense as we have a ban in place for P2P apps for exactly the same reason. I don’t think we supply any internet services for students in Halls however which is where they are more likely to be using it so we are probably OK for now.

As an aside, I found that the BBC iPlayer is starting to show a few more films nowadays – some of them big blockbusters. They obviously spend more time encoding them too as the quality is pretty damn good. A less lawful person might be tempted to use get_iplayer and use the BBC as a good source of pirate material should they ever start showing more than a couple of big films a month…

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  1. Bonus says:

    Spam spam, beautiful spam.

  2. BlogMonkey says:

    yup. Hopefully just a short lived splurge… :/

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