Google offers rewards for reported Chromium vulnerabilities. $500 for a normal one, $1337 (very droll Google) for a particularly clever one. Make a good part time job for some folks I would imagine.

I’ve switched to Chromium myself for a bit although I may go back to Iron at some point. I really do like some of the features – installing or enabling/disabling extensions without having to restart is a dream for example – but the overall browser experience itself is still far from perfect. They need to get that sorted before I’ll consider switching fully from Firefox.

If only Firefox could get the database bloat which causes long launch times fixed – and I have tried SpeedyFox..

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  1. Bonus says:

    But have you tried… vacumming it?

    Works for me. 1st time I tried it, startup time plummeted from around 20 secs to 5 secs (that was prolly around FF3.5).

    Clears crap out of the sql databases FF builds up over time (google Vacumm firefox for more info)

  2. BlogMonkey says:

    Looks good. Like the auromatic defrag option. I'll give it a try for abit and see how it goes.

    Getting a bit bored of Chrome now – too many problems. Still looks much slicker than Firefox tho.

  3. Bonus says:

    You can pimp Firefox's interface a lot as well with the Personal Menu (main purpose is to boil the Menu bar down to one button) extension, some bog-standard right-click to customize and a little bit of tweaking on the firefox chrome file.

    5 buttons, the search bar and the address bar are all I have above the tabs, so the screen estate is almost pixel for pixel same as chrome. I keep the status bar cos I cannae stand autohide.

    I use Chrome occasionally (mainly for Google Docs etc), but just find FF more flexible all-round.

  4. BlogMonkey says:

    I use Chromifox basic, Chromifox companion and HideMenu to get the same sort of affect. I do like Chromes look, polished functionality and speed but like you said, FF is definitely more flexible.

    I did like the IE tab extension for Chrome tho – shame the FF one is not up to the same standard.

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