Was watching the Hairy Bikers last night and noticed that Connie’s Nine Mile Caribbean cafe was on it. I’ve passed it loads and often thought about giving it a go but never got around to it. With the good reviews the food was getting, I’m may just finally get around to it now!

Whilst searching for a link to the cafe, I stumbled on a Leicestershire food blog – Eyes on the Prize. I’m not very imaginative when it comes to finding places to eat – and a bit wary about picking somewhere naff if it’s a special occasion – so end up going back to the same old places over and over. This blog may well open my eyes to many new restaurants to try and has been added to my blogroll.

Speaking of good food, I still think the Lansdowne on london Road do great food for a bar. It’s always nice and they do some very unusual stuff for a pub/bar. They seem to let the chef experiment a bit and it more often than not pays off. Did like the rum and coconut (I think) cheescake I had over christmas.

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  1. riponia says:

    Thanks for the plug for my blog. I'd back your call on the Lansdowne. I live quite near and find it a great bar with pretty good food. I'd certainly rather eat there than any other bar/pub in the vicinity and many of the restaurants!

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