Dodgy curry

I’ve certainly had an eventful weekend.

I learnt how hard it is to say no to a small woman with martial arts training and then watched her start a hot towel fight in an indian restaurant.

Spent some of Saturday and all of Sunday suffereing food poisoning. Okay technically that’s just a self diagnosis but I had all the symptoms. I blame the Curry on Friday night. Bit of a relief really as I just thought I was getting really bad at taking my beer…

Whilst feeling dodgy, still managed to go see Zoe Lyons on Saturday night. She’s not bad.

Discovered SeeSaw; a nice addition to my iPlayer watching. It’s still a little ropey (seems to work a lot better in Chrome) but has a good selection of programs. I just hope they keep releasing new content at a steady rate rather than stagnating.

Watched The IT Crowd for the first time ever on said mentioned SeeSaw. Managed to work through the first two series already. Have to say ‘The Work Outing’ was a fantastic episode and I feel another DVD purchasing coming on…

Not a bad weekend at all really, apart from feeling like death warmed over yesterday.

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3 Responses to Dodgy curry

  1. Bonus says:

    Is 'work outing' the one where they go to the theatre? That's one of my faves, a slow starter but the payoff in the 2nd half is fantastic. Am shocked, and surprised, though, that you've no seen IT Crowd before, given a) your job and b) the writer.

  2. BlogMonkey says:

    Well, not had a telly for 4 years so I do miss some stuff. If I know it's good I'll track it down and watch it. Otherwise it tends to pass me by.

    It is the one where they go to the cinema. Really loved it.

  3. Bonus says:

    Ah yes, forgot about the no telly thing. Who needs it now with good old the internet anyway?

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