Nice things do occasionally happen. Maybe.

In case my lack of posts recently hasn’t given it away, I’ve been a little less than motivated of late. Not just with the blog but at work as well. However today – miracle upon miracle – I was told I was being put forward for regrading. Not just told, I saw action taking place to that end. Forms being filled in and the like. And you know what, my motivation levels rose slightly.

Of course it’s been left until there is only 5 days until the deadline for submitting regrade requests so it’ll be rushed. And there is nothing to say it’ll succeed. And even if it does it’ll probably be months before I see any benefit (for benefit read money). Might be nice to have a job description that is vaguely related to what I do nowadays though if nothing else…

In other work related news (and I have to be careful here) it seems we’ve been put forward for an award. Must be something to do with our high levels of customer satisfaction and great work atmosphere.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Note quite the right award – "Outstanding ICT Team" –;=1&navcode;=98

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