Towards the begin of the year I signed up our department for something called the Green Impact Scheme. The idea is you get a workbook with a number of environmental criteria – things like reducing paper use and promoting cycle to work schemes – and try and achieve as many as possible in a two month period. If you manage all the 1st level criteria you are awarded a bronze award, second level is silver and lastly a bonus level which counts towards the overall (gold) winner. The following year you do it all again and try and better your score. The idea is to make positive changes and change staff attitudes.

I now have 5 weeks to go and so far have not managed much. Well that’s not strictly true. Much the same as when I was doing A-Levels and my degree I’ve spent weeks making a list of all the things I need to do and how to do them, I’ve just not done any of it yet. A classic avoidance tactic I think you’ll agree.

My team of volunteers have also unfortunately gone a little quiet. Oh well, at least most of the things for the Bronze are quite easy even if I doubt some of them will be at all workable. Collecting one-sided printouts for people to re-use as note paper is probably simple. Actually getting anyone to re-use it will probably be nigh on impossible….

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