Fond memories

I recently bought this for my brothers birthday – the first part of a compilation of comics featuring a little known character called Death’s Head. My brother used to collect the Transformer comics and he was a supporting character back in the early 90s so I thought it would be a bit of a trip down memory lane for him.

Whilst looking for that, I also became aware that many of said mention Transformers comics were now available in similar compilation books. Apparently the UK version of the Transformers comics were far superior to the American ones of the same period and this is what those are made up of.

Very tempted to get a few at some point. Occasionally when visiting the folks, I delve into the attic and fish out a few of the old comics. Always found it strange that even if 20 years have passed, you can remember the story like you’d only read it the month before as soon as you start reading. That said my comics from back then weren’t quite so cool as Transformers – I collected Buster

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