Blizzard making a packet on the (virtual) horses? Estimates at $2.5 million an hour at it’s peak.

Guess you can’t really blame Blizzard, they have set a pretty high price and yet there is still massive demand. If people want to pay that sort of money, fair play to them.

You’d imagine it’s definitely the way a lot of MMORPGs will move. I know City of Heroes have done it a few times with special items and booster packs with some success. Not having the same user base as WoW, every little bit of income helps and I seem to remember they said the revenue from the first booster pack was directly used to pay for a new developer and speed up the next game release. As the packs don’t directly influence gameplay (more or less), it doesn’t leave people feeling like they have to buy to keep their character at the same level as other players. Cos that could lead to problems.

Although to be honest, your kid running up a debt on your credit card is pretty tame – Boy kills sleeping father after he took away his keyboard.

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