That’s what you get for buying it legally

I was dead chuffed last week. Getting Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich for a nice 99p (with free postage) on eBay. Brand new and in the wrapper to. Seemed a great bargain and as I liked the original game (albeit many years ago) I eagerly loaded it onto my computer this weekend… and spent 5 hours trying to remove the naff copy protection system that kept telling me I need Windows XP or 2000 etc. to run the game.


Even my attempt at running it on an XP virtual machine were thwarted as I think Service Pack 2 is another unsupported OS. So I’m down to trying to find a non-service packed version of XP at work tomorrow, installing Windows 2000 or downloading a dodgy copy of the game to see if that plays. Hooray for DRM.

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2 Responses to That’s what you get for buying it legally

  1. Bonus says:

    Hi BM, you could've got in on a Steam sales for pennies a while back…

    In other general digital rights discussions, an intreseting article from Pete Serafinowicz:

  2. BlogMonkey says:

    Always prefered physical media tho. For most stuff anyway. Spent a few more hours trying to get it to work with no success so 'found' a copy instead. If I can fix the crashing problem with that, I'm sorted. 🙂

    Good link although it's also a blatant plug for his show.

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