One the one hand, China looks to put a price on its natural resources. And on the others, they want to build the biggest hydroelectric plant in the world, despite worries about what environmental impact it would have downstream.

“…documents on the website of a government agency suggest a 38 gigawatt hydropower plant is under consideration that would be more than half as big again as the Three Gorges dam, with a capacity nearly half as large as the UK’s national grid.

A little closer to home, the university environment team have caused a little bit of a stir by suggesting they might charge less for a car park permit to people with lower emission cars in future. Cue outrage.

I don’t mind people objecting – the plan is far from perfect – but I wish they would at least object in a well thought out way. My favourite has to be “So I should scrap my car and get a greener one?! Has the environmental impact of that been taken into account with these plans!” Yeah, cos scrapping a perfectly usable car in order to qualify for what’s likely to be a £20 (or less) parking discount is really smart….

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