Dry spell

It’s surprising how hard things can be when something you take for granted isn’t there anymore. Came home this morning to find that I had no water except for a small amount coming from the hot water tap. My cunning plan to create a small bath by boiling several kettles of how water came to a sudden end when the water coming out the hot tap ran out. It’s not easy having a bath with just one kettle full of boiling water…

Luckily for me I have a girlfriend with running water who I can go and pester tonight. And I’ve got wine so at least I won’t go thirsty. 🙂

Hopefuly someone else in my block of flats has the contact details for building maintenance as I certainly don’t.

Update: Seems it was sabotage. For some reason the building maintenance people then decide it was better to leave us all without water for another 16 hours than risk turning it back on, just in case someone had left the taps on (and presumably put the plug in) whilst at work….

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