House news

As you may remember, I was in the process of looking around for a house to buy back before my big blog silence. Well on the 1st October I put in an offer on a nice little 2 bedroom place in one of the commuter villages on the outskirts of Leicester and it was accepted. Bank approved the mortgage with no problems and everything seemed to be moving along smoothly with a completion/move in date of first week in December being talked about.

I should have known better.

Suddenly I seem to be in a chain and things have gone very quiet. The completion date has already been moved back to beginning of January 2011, then mid January was being talked about. Given the silence from both the estate agents and solicitors in the last week or so I’m now judging it highly unlikely that a date will even be decided upon this side of the New Year.

I’m a little annoyed that it’s taking so long (and that I have to keep pressing for any information which usually only ends up being “I’ve asked the sellers for more information and will let you know…”) but my main worry is that having not signed anything yet, it could all just fall in a heap. Unlikely maybe but I won’t feel settled until my name is on the contract.

I guarantee interest rates will rise the month I move in too.

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