My pick of someone else’s 21 to watch in 2011.

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles. All out alien war flick by the looks of things.
Real Steel. Get ready for a robot vs robot ruuuumble.

Finally, Sucker Punch. A full on SFX laden film with hot women, giant robots, dragons and zeplins.

Special mention to Cowboys vs Aliens for just being about cowboys vs aliens and for following a recent theme started with Cowboys vs Ninjas in The Warriors Way (which I haven’t seen). Big name cast tho.

I also have to mention the recent film Skyline – a movie so utterly pointless and bad but which somehow still left me wanting to watch the (apparently certain to happen) sequel. Maybe it was just because the last 3 minutes held such promise for the next film. If they’d just taken the first 5 minutes, spliced about 10 minutes of action from the middle in, added the final 3 minutes and then launched straight to the sequel I’d probably be a happy bunny. The next one is going to have a full on manga feel to it I reckon….

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