Merry Christmas

A belated Merry Christmas to one and all! Hope you’ve all had a fun filled xmas that involves plenty of wine, dessert and sitting on your arse relaxing. I know mine has. Yes, apart from a minor PC related technical hitch, it’s been a good one. The technical hitch was unfortunately quite badly timed as my only proper present this year – a gift from the lovely Miss C – was a nice new Samsung Spinpoint 1TB drive. I got home from my few days away, booted up my machine intending to quickly check my emails before opening it up and inserting said new hard drive, only to find the damn thing wouldn’t start. Whilst it could be a number of things I suspect the graphics card is the culprit as I get no monitor signal and this old 7900GS runs ran at over 100 degrees celsius when being worked hard – expected it to have melted long before now to be honest. So I had to dig out my old machine, reinstall it and use that temporarily. Not ideal as it’s damn noisy, the hard disk could fail at any time and once it warms up, the monitor starts flickering in a way that would cause an epileptic a few issues….

The hard disk was actually the first stage of a new computer build. Having got back into gaming a bit the last few months I came to realize after playing such games as Medal of Honor: Airborne and Mass Effect (good game that) that my computer is struggling to play anything that’s been released in the last few of years. I’m not one to rush into buying the latest and greatest new stuff though so I’ve been carefully pondering what to get as my next build. With new generation hardware set to be released from AMD and Intel soon, I’m also waiting to see what the future holds as I may be able to get existing stuff cheaper or new faster stuff at the same price. With tons of money heading out my bank accounts come the purchase of my new house (still no news on that front however) I’ll be looking for some bargains. Happily it seems that prices are dropping and whereas my last CPU and GFX card cost about 100 quid each last time around, I can get equivalent middle of the road kit for 60 odd this time.

The new hard disk was something I could buy now and make use of however. At least I could have if the computer hadn’t died. Still, part of my plan to build a new gaming PC was to take most of the old kit and recycle it to build a small form factor media computer for my new living room. That’s now been brought forward and just this afternoon I’ve purchased a HD5450, a new micro ATX motherboard for my current socket 775 CPU and a CPU cooler (having broke my existing one trying to get the PC to work – never mind I needed a low profile one anyway). If I’m really lucky I can sell my existing ATX board for about the same as the newly purchased board on eBay – maybe even more. Then I just need the new case and I already have one in mind.

Fingers crossed I’ll once again have a fully functioning computer come New Years eve and I can finally try out my xmas present!

Assuming it didn’t break when the postie dropped it through the letter box….. :/

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