Back up and running…. sort of

As mentioned the other day I have been having a few technical problems. Well my new graphics card arrived and having installed that it fixed my problem and got my computer back up and running. Unfortunately – and I have no idea if or how this could be related – the flickering monitored problem is still present. After much faffing about I’ve concluded that it’s the monitor itself that is knackered (a hefty whack can temporarily fix it sometimes which says to me it’s a monitor fault).

It’s never just one thing that goes wrong is it….

Still, a new 27″ monitor was also part of my new gaming PC plan although I am annoyed that I may have to get rid of this one and can’t carry on using it in a duel screen setup. Maybe I can fix it – or at least get it fixed. I’ve already been inside the thing and prodded around a bit in the hope that I might accidentally rectify some faulty connection somewhere. Maybe when I have a new monitor I’ll be a little more adventurous and dismantle this one further in the vain hope of seeing the problem.

For the time being I’m going to have to get used to a pulsating display.

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