eBay guilt

I’ve probably mentioned it before but I love eBay. I don’t use it loads but I do go through phases of picking up a dozen bargain DVDs or games over a couple of months before leaving it alone for a bit. Always feels great getting something for half the price it is on Amazon and I rarely want to pay more than two quid for a film. Sometimes though I actually feel guilty for winning an auction at such a low price.

Case in point, my latest purchase of Football Manager 2008 (with a low end graphics card temporarily installed, I can only play old games or games with low end graphics). Got the game for 99p plus 99p postage. When it arrived today I saw that postage had cost the guy £1.72, leaving him a staggering profit of 26p. To make it worse, he forgot to put the CD in the case so he’s having to post that to me separately tomorrow!

Not that I’ll feel guilty for long mind. His loss, my gain. And I’m assuming people must make enough of a profit selling things at around that price or nobody would do it.

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