A little guide from Tom’s Guide to 20 old school games that are free. I downloaded the Worms clone and the X-COM remake.

I loved Worms. Someone I briefly shared a house with had it on his PC and I was always desperate to play it. And as for X-COM, I have fond memories of my brother on a weekend visit from his barracks and us spending the entire weekend playing the first X-COM (half the squad each to control) whilst sat on my bedroom floor listening to a Corrs album on repeat.

Maybe I shouldn’t admit to that really.

So whilst I’ve downloaded both these games I’ve not played either yet. Nope, I’ve been spending all my time on Football Manager 2008, so much so that last Friday I felt sick, dizzy and exahusted when I went to work as I’d played it so much the day before. And I wasn’t sure I’d even like it….

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