Looking after your customers

Many many months ago I bought Miss C a new telly for her birthday. I picked one with built in Freesat so that she could a) get good reception through the leftover satellite dish she had outside and b) watch the world cup in large screen HD. One of the other selling points of the TV was an ethernet port round the back that would be enabled “at some point in the future” to allow access to the BBC iPlayer. It wasn’t pushed as the main selling point or even a large one but it was meant to entice people into choosing that particular set (although the price was more of a factor to be honest).

Now Miss C doesn’t have the internet at home so I pretty much forgot all about the network port until I was having a quick look on this website. Seems that for whatever reason, LG were not actually going to enable the port. Disappointing but no great loss I thought. But then reading a little further I found that as an offer of goodwill, LG were sending out Freesat boxes that could get iPlayer.

So one quick call to LG customer support – where I pretended to not know about the free set top box and was just inquiring when the port would be enabled – and a box was being put in the post for me. Well, there was a mixup somewhere along the line and I had to email again a couple of weeks back but on Monday, it arrived. £120 worth of free kit.

So I have to say, LG have certainly got a few good marks in my book – top notch customer support. And if you have an LF7700, you may want to consider dropping LG a line….

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