Got there in the end

It’s taken almost exactly four months from putting in an offer to finally picking up the keys but at long last, I have a house. I began to wonder if it was ever going to happen last week when the exchange of contracts was still being talked about and delayed right up until 12 hours before final completion. That was a tense few days I can tell you, jumping every time an email arrived in the hope that it was good news only to find it was news more along the lines of “The solicitor was ill today, maybe tomorrow….”

When I finally heard it was all done I’ll have to admit that I felt more relief than excitement. Even now, having been there and started decorating, it still doesn’t seem to have sunk in and it doesn’t feel like I own the place. I suppose I haven’t had chance to stop and take it all in. The first month or so after the offer being accepted was all about bank visits, solicitors and electrical surveys. Then came a couple of months of seemingly endless waiting and I started to forget what the house even looked like. Then came a few weeks of frustration (and anger) waiting to complete. Now I have a few weeks of arranging delivery vans, moving electric/gas provider, changing bank details and the like whilst looking at paint samples and buying grout.

When I eventually move in, when the walls are the colours we want, when we have a dining table and my clothes are in the wardrobe (a novelty in itself having not had a wardrobe for 5 years), then I think it will be real. In the meantime I’m looking forward to thoughts of summer barbeques, dinner parties, cosy Christmas days and living properly with the lovely Miss C. 🙂

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