Lots done but lots to do

Last couple of weeks really seem to have been a blur. Even Valentine’s day was postponed as neither Miss C or I had much time to make it actually worthwhile – not that we really believe much in Valentine’s day but any excuse for a cosy evening in with wine and ice cream…. It does feel like we are finally getting there with the house however.

Both the living room and stairway are all but done. The main bedroom is nearly decorated and once the new carpet is laid next weekend we can finally up-sticks from the spare bedroom and move in there. That’ll leave a whole room for dumping stuff in. All the boxes stacked up in the living room can migrate upstairs and I can finally get my desk set up and have someone sensible to work at my computer (ok, play games). Then there is just the selection of non-essential furniture that needs buying, a new cooker to look for (the oven on the one that came with the house worked ONCE before dying on us – bloody thing did it on purpose I swear) and lots more little DIY jobs to get one with.

That said, I’ve still not fully moved out of my flat and still have cleaning and bills to sort out. Hopefully the stain I found on the carpet will be gone before they come for final inspection…

People have often told me that once you’d moved house once you’d not be in a hurry to do it again. I now see why.

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