Before Christmas I popped into The Works and found this – a Transformers graphic novel – for the bargain price of 3 quid! I had to get it of course.

My brother was the one that had the Transformers as his weekly comic (I had Buster) many years ago but I always got to read them too. This graphic novel is a compilation of the Matrix Quest and the subsequent attack on Cybertron by Unicron (the point where my brother stopped getting the comic so it was nice to finally see what happened after 20 years…). For a few quid I’d recommend this to anyone that used to like the Transformers as a kid.

Having got that novel I did a little research online to see what others were about. Whilst I’d like to get some more of the classic comics I found that there were quite a few novels from the newer stuff. And I don’t mean the shitty Micheal Bay re-imaging from recently.

Next up for me is Last Stand of the Wreckers. I’ve not read any of the new stuff but it has great reviews.

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