Whilst I’m certainly not struggling for money after moving into my new home, I am tending to watch the pennies a little more. Who knows when the boiler may pack up and I’ll need a couple of thousand handy to replace it (which is probably why I’m putting off having it looked at for it’s annual check up)! Part of my plan for penny watching was obtaining some sort of reward card – either cash back or reward points like this lay card. I applied for a couple and was rejected due to having no credit rating. Which is odd as I already have a credit card and I’ve seen my credit report which whilst sparse, certainly exists and shows I don’t have a bad credit history.

Anyway, feeling a little dejected at my rejections I kept looking around and stumbled on cash back websites. These seemed a little too good to be true but I did a bit more research, thought “what the hell” and signed up to Top CashBack.

The sites basically work with vendors to give you back either a percentage of the sale (typically 2-5%) or a one off cash value reward. The downside is that it’s reliant on your online order ‘tacking’ correctly (a process that involves certain tracking cookies being read that show the vendor that you were referred from a particular cash back website) and on the vendor honoring the deal. Some seem less reliable on the latter point than others.

As I said though, didn’t have much to lose and I look at cash back – if it works – as an added bonus rather than a reason to use a particular online seller or buy something specifically. So far, I have around £83 listed as confirmed by the merchants although it may be a while yet before that becomes payable to me and it may still go wrong. I also have another £32 waiting to be confirmed. The bulk of my £83 was from transferring my electric to Scottish Power but I was going to do that anyway and the £80 cash back – if it arrives – is just a nice extra.

So consider it, may make you a little extra cash to spend on something nice (and get cash back on!).

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