I’ve bought a lot/most of my DVD’s from eBay the last few years as it is a good place to find a bargain. At one point I could get a lot of those I was looking for for between one and two quid. Then something changed and everyone added at least a quid postage onto the cost. You can still get the odd deal but they are much harder to find. So I started looking for alternative sources for my film purchases….

I found a shop in the city centre called Gameworld which sold secondhand DVD. Never really found much I wanted on most of my trips but then I discovered the ‘£1.99 or less section – buy 2 get third free!’. Wasn’t much choice though though and I soon exhausted what they had (and what I wanted).

Then I found ChoicesUK. Most of the time they are an OK distributor but sometimes, just sometimes, they have some great deals! I was a little wary at first as they had some very bad reviews online so I just went for three DVDs for 99p each (spend over £2.50 and postage is free). Was slightly concerned when they had a ‘problem’ with my credit card but it was sorted out out easily enough with a quick phone call and it eventually turned out my bank was partly to blame for not updating my billing address. With that purchase having gone well, I then went for another six pre-owned DVDs at 49p each! One ended up being out of stock (even though it was in stock when I ordered) and they cancelled it but the rest arrived safely and I was even pleased to note that postage was still free even though the now five DVD order came in at under the required £2.50.

So check out ChoicesUK. They don’t always have great deals or any pre-owned DVDs but the service seems pretty good for stuff costing only 49p….

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