I picked up a secondhand copy of Bioshock last week on eBay. Old game I know but that’s the good thing about old games, you can get them cheap and they don’t require amazing hardware to play (generally). Having heard that there was some limit to the number of game activations I sat down to install it yesterday. All was going well until it got to the autopatcher….

I spend a lot of time with software in my job and get to see lots of shoddy stuff. I’m not saying the code is shoddy just the whole ‘common sense’ thinking behind it. Like the very expensive language software a couple of weeks back that didn’t bother to check if you already had the Java Runtime Environment installed already but just went ahead and installed a much older (and probably security riddled) version of it regardless.

seems Bioshock suffers a similar problem. Off went the autopatcher and when I let it through the firewall it came back telling me that “The BioShock patch file is corrupt.”. Commons sense says it should try a few times and then carry on or at least give you the option to skip that part. Nope, rinse and repeat with the downloading and the failing and I’m not the only one that got stuck at that stage according to a quick search.

Maybe it was more luck than judgement in my case but I did manage to get around the problem by doing the following.

1. Whilst stuck at the autopatching phase, downloaded and installed the patch manually.

2. When the connecting window for the autopatcher came up, used Task Manager to kill the autopatcher process. This seemed to convince the installer that it had failed and allowed it to finish but that seemed to remove everything it had already installed (except possibly the patch).

3. Re-ran the Bioshock installer. Went through without an issue.

Like I said, maybe nothing I did actually fixed it and I’m not going to uninstall and repeat just to test the process but worth giving it a go if you are stuck like I was, non?

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