New and Shiny

Six months ago my computer monitor started flickering with what I presume is a dodgy backlight. I’m not one to rush in to things though so I put off buying a replacement whilst I looked at the options and finally last week I bought myself a new one – a Samsung B2430H. At £119 from Scan (plus free delivery as I’m a member of AV Forums) I thought I’d got a bit of a bargain for a 23.6″ monitor. Was a little annoyed when I saw it for a tenner less on Ebuyer a few days later but that’s life….

Going straight to the good points.

1. It looks good. Smooth lines, nice base, nifty blue LED and some cool touch sensitive buttons on the front.
2. Seems pretty solid but then Samsung are a well known brand.
3. No issues at all with the display. Clear, bright and good colour.
4. Dialing down the brightness and contrast results in a power consumption of 27W – much better than the 45W stated on the manufacturer website and possibly lower than my old 19″ LCD from memory.

Not found any problems yet. So if you are looking for a new monitor this one gets the thumbs up from me.

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