New laptop

Miss C’s laptop has been on it’s last legs for a while and despite my advanced technical knowledge (“Just whack the screen…… see, working again now”) it needed to be replaced. Whilst I know a fair bit about computers I know very little about laptops. So off I went for some serious online investigation.

Was looking for something cheap, light and only powerful enough for basic web surfing, document editing etc. All too easy to get drawn into getting a powerful processor and more RAM than you can shake a stick at but at the end of the day if you are not going to use it, it’s a waste of money. Much better to find a laptop that has all physical things you need such as weight, size, battery life, connection ports and the rest.

Finally settled on a deal I’d seen mentioned on HotUKDeals. £400 for a HP Probook 4320s and £100 cash back from HP themselves (see the offers page). She bought from SaveOnLaptops and the basic price was much cheaper than most other sites out there by a wide margin. Throw in the cashback and the laptop was a steal at three hundred quid! Ok technically the cashback hasn’t come through yet but the claims process was very easy and a confirmation email said it was a valid claim.

Also impressed by SaveOnLaptops. Amazingly quick delivery and great customer service which was surprising for such a cheap site I’d ever even heard of before this.

As for the laptop, that seems to do everything Miss C needs which isn’t surprising as the technical spec is much higher than pretty much anything else in that price bracket! Intel Core i3 with 3GB RAM, 320GB hard disk and a dedicated graphics chip. In fact it was probably as powerful – if not more so – than the desktop machine I’d been gaming on until recently! And it’s shiny.

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