I’ve not been to the cinema much recently as I couldn’t find much that really made we want to spend ten quid and make an evening of it. The new Conan movie is one that was a little tempting but after a slightly disappointing visit to watch Solomon Kane (another Robert E Howard creation) a couple of years back I wasn’t sure.

Then I read this review and think i just have to go watch it now. The fact that it sounds like it pulls heavily from – and references – the source material is brilliant.

“If you want to see the new Conan the Barbarian, go in prepared to not get Academy Award winning dialog or a story that will go down as legend. What you will get is the closest adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s classic Conan world with a near-perfect realization of the character by Jason Momoa on top of generous helpings of blood, gore, and nudity.”

Now that sounds like a Conan movie based on the books. Basic plot, lots of killing stuff and a wench or two.

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  1. Al Harron says:

    And yet Howard’s work is collected in Penguin Classics and the Library of America, is the subject of multiple critical anthologies and periodicals, and has been studied for the better part of 30 years in academic circles. “basic plot, lots of killing and a wench or two” describes every Sword-and-Sorcery story out there, and makes it interchangeable with the likes of Yor, Ator or Deathstalker. There’s obviously something more to Conan that’s lacking in his knockoffs.

    The new film is the closest adaptation of Howard’s character in much the same way a rock 95 miles away is closer than a rock 100 miles away.

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