A few months back I posted about a Humble Bundle I was considering getting and in the end I did donate a few quid to charity in order to purchase it. Maybe not as much as I should but most of the games didn’t really appeal to me. Not that they aren’t good games, they have just so far failed to draw me in to playing them – another time maybe.

The one exception was Trine which is a physics based puzzle game. Again I wasn’t sure I’d be interested but after giving it a quick try I was pleasantly surprised and worked my way through to the end. Think it is the openness of it – there isn’t one set way to do things, you can make your own solution to ‘How do I get onto that ledge?”, as long as the laws of physics allow it….

Whilst I’m a bit late promoting it this time around, the Humble Indie Bundle (which included the Indie Bundle 3 if you paid enough) has just been and gone. Given the days of entertainment Trine gave me for the modest amount I donated, I gave this bundle a go too. Nothing has really hooked me yet – maybe having just got Crysis for Xmas has sidetracked me slightly – but I think Gratuitous Space Battles has the potential to be a big time-waster for me.

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