X-COM reborn

You may have noticed in the last week that a game called XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been released and I’m quite excited. It’s a ‘reimaging’ of the old school turn based game UFO: Enemy Unknown which my brother and I used to play for whole weekends at a time. The reviews certainly suggest it’s a fine game.

Of course I don’t tend to buy games when they are just released as I’m never usually excited enough to want to shell out £30. I’ll wait six months and get it for £15 or more likely a year or more and get the GOTY edition for a tenner. In the meantime, I’ll probably be playing UFO: Alien Invasion, a free game that has the original XCOM games as it’s spiritual parents.

UFO:AI screenshot

I came across UFO:AI earlier this year and had a couple of weeks play. It certainly captured the spirit of the original whilst adding and updating the gameplay. I liked it! As usual I lost interest after that initial period but that isn’t a reflection of the game, just my short attention span with these types of games. I rarely managed to complete them or even reach that far in, which is why I’m often reluctant to buy such games when they come out as I know I’ll stop playing after a couple of weeks.

UFO:AI is a cracking game and one that is well worth downloading. I’m off to see see if I can remember what I was doing at the last save point from my session 6 months back and then give those aliens a taste of plasma rifle!

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