It was many weeks ago that Miss C and I spent a couple of nights in Bath on our way back from Cornwall but I’d promised myself that I’d post a quick review of the restaurants we visited so here I am. And quick reviews they shall be.

The first night we decided to go for a Thai and after a while spent investigating on TripAdvisor we set off hunting a select few places. We found some but as it was a bit early to eat we went to book a table for the following night at another restaurant we’d picked. Having done that, we stumbled across Salathai just around the corner. As we went in I held the door for a group of Americans on their way out – “You won’t regret it” said one lady as she passed and she wasn’t wrong.

Service was friendly and very quick. The food itself was very tasty and I really enjoyed the curry I had. The house wine was also a fine choice. Best of all it was great value for money.

Night two saw us going to Sotto Sotto (which means “under” I’m told by Miss C and it was literally under the road). I was sold on the place just by the look of it on the website. The subtle questions we’d been asked when we popped in to book the night before hinted at what was to come. It’s a restaurant that goes out of it’s way to connect with the customer and make them feel both special and relaxed. It’s not something I think I’ve ever experienced anywhere else. The food was lovely and the service brilliant. Again it was great value for money and were I ever back in Bath I’d certainly go again. As I said on the way out, it’s number 1 ranking on TripAdvisor is well deserved.

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