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Mongolia on brink of world’s greatest resource boom. A life without electricity? Not particularly likely but it is interesting to see people looking at alternatives to running everything with the electron.

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Mining for gold and other metal in a Guatemala dump. The river washes away the lighter rubbish leaving the more valuable metals in the river bed. More pictures

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Lytro, a consumer level plenoptic camera. The idea is that rather than focus the shot and then take a picture, the picture taken with a Lytro holds all the information needed to focus the image at any given point in … Continue reading

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‘Fixing’ an Asus HD5770

It seems all I ever blog about in detail lately are stories about my computer. Still, this could be vaguely useful information for someone so I thought I may as well tell the tale. It was a few months back … Continue reading

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Upgrade time

I’d been contemplating a few upgrades to my PC for quite some time and one of the central things to the upgrade my CPU. Whilst my trusty Core 2 Duo had served me well for almost 5 years (and still … Continue reading

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The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle. A selection of multi-platform, DRM free games to download. Pay what you want and also decide how much goes to charity. I’ve not done it yet but might. Not sure the games are the type … Continue reading

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In the news

Well the sentiment is not really a big surprise but the honesty is. Trader tells BBC news he doesn’t care if the economy is fixed, just out to make money, dreams of another recession.

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If you’ve not got proper insulation in your loft then check out this deal from B&Q. Only cost me £12 to get enough to do my loft – or at least I think I have enough to do the whole … Continue reading

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The history of Mahna Mahna.

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I’ve not been to the cinema much recently as I couldn’t find much that really made we want to spend ten quid and make an evening of it. The new Conan movie is one that was a little tempting but … Continue reading

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