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See, articles like this BBC one really annoy me. “Surfing the web unprotected will leave the average web user with 70 spam messages each day, according to an experiment by security firm McAfee.” says the article heading. No, what they … Continue reading

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Why bother collecting lego sets when you can just build stuff on your PC. Going to give this a proper run in a bit. This also reminds me, wonder when this is out. Update: Lego, it’s everywhere I look today. … Continue reading

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Spore has been in development (and eagerly anticipated) for quite a while now. A strange mix of various types of games, it’s going to appeal to a lot of people. The idea that you can design a species from basic … Continue reading

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I can’t believe I’ve not seen this before. If you are going to do computer game reviews then this is the way to do them. Top marks that man.

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So, Apple have released Safari for Windows. Looks ok I guess but nothing grabbed me and made me want to use it after taking it for a quick spin. I found the fact that if they are trying to push … Continue reading

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In the news

Interesting to see who wins in this battle Sony vs The Church of England. As they say, is any publicity bad publicity.

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Dodgy TV on demand.

A while ago I was sent an invite for the Joost beta by the nice Mr Poons. It was good but unfortunately at the time there was little in the way of content – just a dozen channel with a … Continue reading

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Some tips for all you Firefox users out there.

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I’ve seen some interesting computer case mods in the past but this is just… very different.

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Free Stuff!

A little while back the nice Mr Poons sent me an invite for the Joost beta. If you don’t already know, Joost is TV on the internet provided using P2P technology. The programs are supplied legally by companies who then … Continue reading

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