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Giant robots and explosions make BlogMonkey smile. Plus in this you can actually see what’s going on, unlike the Transformers movies.. A short film by Federico Alvarez who has definitely got himself noticed.

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Blob robot. I for one welcome our new pulsating robot overlord. Might also want to check out the robot with the fastest hands going. Well just the one hand really but imagine what it could do with two!

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Would you help a little robot get to its destination? The Tweenbots can only go forward and rely on passersby to help them get where they need to go. Plus they are cute.

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Science and Technology

The day of subjugation by our robot overlords fast approaches with the impending construction of their first city. Dooooom!

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Just what we needed for the light dusting of snow we had last week, the Yuki-taro robot snowplow. Fear our soon to be robotic overlords! Actually, I think we may be safe for a little while….

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